The Science of Sound.

‘About’ all about glass and glass making.

Corning Museum of Glass.

Maker of glass armonicas.

A glass elevator company’s page about glass.


Clemens Hofinger's extensive glass music site.

Dean Shostak’s Crystal Concert site.

Glass Duo... Amazing work! Full use of twenty fingers...

William Wilde Zeitler, Seattle-based glass armonicist.

Sinfonia di Vetro – Sascha Reckert’s glass music ensemble based in Germany. Sascha also makes armonicas and other glass instruments.

Lynn Drye, Arizona-based glass armonicist.

Los Angeles based glass harpist Douglas Lee.

Rare instrument soloist Thomas Bloch.


Erica Azim's extensive mbira site. 'Mbira' is the name of her not-for-profit organization devoted to Shona music.

A tremendous resource for mbira and Shona music enthusiasts with an email forum, extensive catalog of recordings, and more.

Albert Chimedza’s Mbira Centre, based in Zimbabwe.


Nhimbe means 'working party' in Shona. Nhimbe For Progress is a small and potent force presently providing assistance in 7 villages in rural Zimbabwe in areas of food, basic sanitation, health care, housing, and pre-school.


Experimental musical instruments here! Wonderful gallery...

A recent collaboration of composer Yuval Ron and traditional chinese medicine practitioner Dr Richard Gold. The above link goes to one of the Element Series’ CDs, “Metal” which features my glass harp! Relaxing ambient music for healing, based on TCM and the elements.

Accomplished Oud musician, film/television composer, producer Yuval Ron.

For bio acoustics enthusiasts.

Musical saws and Theremin.

Amazing women ensemble specializing in eastern European folk music.

Experimental Musical Instruments web site.

Roots World site.

TIP: order their paper catalog to enjoy page after page devoted to bagpipes, bird whistles, harmoniums, and the rest.

If you live in the Atlanta area, visit Earthshaking for all your eclectic musical needs.

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